Smart Classroom

What’s the Indota smart classroom.Indota smart classroom involved in modern multimedia technology,which has changed the teaching mode from traditional chalk + blackboard + textbooks to intelligent teaching all in one +environmental writing board + laser projector+ student e-book solution. Simultaneously,it has changed the traditional one-way teaching mode to advanced two-way classroom teaching mode.Thus students truly participate in smart classroom education and change the way to discussion,sharing of knowledge initiatively. So that a single mode classroom will be changed to a diverse, intelligent, efficient effectiveness mode.

Configuration List 

  • Laser Projector
  • Environmental Board
  • Charging Cart
  • Teaching All In One PC
  • Teaching Chairs

The Advantage Of Indota Smart Classroom

  • 1
    Low Carbon And Environmental Protection
    The “Techie Multi-function Teaching System” combine write board, Screen, Interactive board in one.
  • 2
    Highly Integrated.
    Combine the hardware&software in one.
  • 3
    Perfectly Combine The Wifi working.
    Realize the remote control by wifi.
  • 4
    Enhance The Interactive Between The Teacher And Students
    School Chairs make classroom more interactively.