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19E Smart Podium
1.Smart lectern suits board meetings, press conferences, seminars, lectures and formal speaking events.
2.Wooden top, Luxury and elegant .
3.21.5" touch monitor.
4.Interface for power,audio,USB hub, Net, VGA, and HDMI port etc.
5.New electrical power lift with wide range adjustment by your will.
PPT Show Software

1.Control multiple presentation from within application makes fast presenter changes and seamless continuity.
2.View the current slide ,next and previous slide (or only the previous slide and current slide of larger windows ),slide notes and a timer simultaneously.
3.Context -sensitive user interface appear when needed to control embedded media animations and staged slides.
4.Set up an entire seminar of different presenters within a single SHO-Q structure for a one touch start of each presentation .
5. Color pen to easy remark on the presentation flies.
6. With all the Whiteboard function, and touch exit everywhere.
7.Insert image,Video,doc, and website easily.